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  • client
    Envoy Client
  • server
    Envoy Server
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    This issue has been created through Envoy
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  • bug
    Something is not working
  • bugfix
    Fixes a bug
  • discussion
    This has to be discussed
  • documentation
    Related to documentation
  • feature
    Introduces a new feature
  • L
    Branches where 300 < X <= 600 lines are added and more than one work day is needed
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    Branches where 100 < X <=300 lines are added
  • maintenance
    Related to project maintenance
  • posponed
    Won't be done in the immediate future
  • refactoring
    Refactoring code or architectures
  • S
    Branches where X <= 100 lines are added or less than 30 minutes are needed
  • wontfix
    Will not be fixed in this state of development
  • XL
    Branch where X > 600 lines are added and more than two work days are needed