1 Client configuration
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In addition to the settings, Envoy Client offers a static configuration that can be manipulated in two different ways:

  1. By modifying the client.properties file inside the Envoy Client JAR file
  2. By passing command line arguments to Envoy Client on startup

The client.properties file specifies defaults for all configuration values. When a value is missing, an error message will be displayed and Envoy won't start.

Each configuration value has a name and an abbreviation, both of which can be used interchangeably. At the moment, the following configuration values are offered:

Name Shorthand Description Default Value
homeDirectory home where the client stores all of its data ~/.envoy
fileLevelBarrier fb The logger level for the log file OFF
consoleLevelBarrier cb The logger level for the console logger FINER
server s The server to connect to localhost
port p The port to connect to 8080
localDBSaveInterval db-si Auto-save interval in minutes 2

Refer here for logger levels.