2 Server configuration
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Envoy Server offers a static configuration that can be manipulated in two different ways:

  1. By modifying the server.properties file inside the Envoy Server JAR file
  2. By passing command line arguments to Envoy Server on startup

The server.properties file specifies defaults for all configuration values. When a value is missing, an error message will be displayed and the server won't start.

Each configuration value has a name and an abbreviation, both of which can be used interchangeably. At the moment, the following configuration values are offered:

Name Shorthand Description Default Value
homeDirectory home Where the server stores all of its data ~/.envoy
fileLevelBarrier fb The logger level for the log file OFF
consoleLevelBarrier cb The logger level for the console logger FINER
enter-to-stop dev-stop Whether the server can be stopped by pressing the return key on the command line true
issueCreationURL i-url The url where issues should be reported to. Leave empty to disable sending issue proposals. The issue page on git.kske.dev
issueAuthToken i-token The token used to authenticate to the git server storing the issues. Shouldn't be changed manually. (redacted)
userMadeLabel l-um The ID of the "user made" label 272
bugLabel l-b The ID of the "bug" label 117
featureLabel l-f The ID of the "feature" label 119
enableIssueReporting e-ir Whether to enable issue reporting true
enableGroups e-g Whether to enable groups true
enableAttachments e-a Whether to enable attachments true
authTokenExpiration tok-exp The amount of days after which the authentication token expires 90

Refer here for logger levels.