3 Client using system commands
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Envoy Client can be used as a pseudo-command line interface(CLI) messenger:

You have the option to perform most actions by entering an activator as the first visible letter where you type new messages.
If an activator is found (case insensitive), the word starting exactly behind it will be executed (that's a system command).
A system command may need parameters to work, those have to be separated by a space.
If not enough parameters have been given, default parameters will be supplied. In some cases however, they'll only ask you to enter one yourself.
If the necessary parameters behind this system command have the correct format, the system command will be executed.
If there are more parameters than necessary, the remaining ones will be ignored.
If a system command has been executed, it will not be sent as a message (others won't know that you entered a system command).

The default activator is /. It is planned that in the future this activator might be customizable according to your preferences.

Current system commands are:

Command Parameters Default values Action
error none none Displays an error message
dabr 0: int - the number of rotations,
1: float - the amount of time it rotates
0: 1-4, 1: 1-4s Short for "Do a barrel roll". But see for yourself
logout none none Logs the current user out
q / exit none none Closes Envoy (or minimizes it, depending on the settings option chosen)
settings none none Opens the settings screen
status 0: either offline, away, busy or online (case insensitive) none Changes your status to the given status

Message dependent commands (ADVANCED):

The following commands require a message to be parsed from the first parameter. There are two ways on how to aquire the message here (x is here a whole number):

  1. "absolute": The x-th message from the top - i.e. using 3 as argument will use the third highest completely visible message
  2. "relative": using s+-x will use the message +-x below the currently selected message - i.e. s+5 will use the message that is 5 messages below the currently selected one. Note: ++s/ s++ (= s+1 ) and --s/ s-- (= s-1 ) are also possible.

If the parameter is not given, the currently selected message will be used.

Command Additional Parameters Action
s none Selects the given message
cp none Copies the text of the given message
del none Deletes the given message locally
save-att none Saves the attachment of the given message if present (either directly or by asking you where, depending on your settings)


(Assuming default activator is the activator(/)):

/error xyz abc test
/dabr 3 1.536
/s s++
/cp 3
/del --s
/save-att s--
/cp s-86
/s 0


  • int refers to a whole number
  • float refers to a decimal number where . is used as the separator between the whole number and the fraction